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Toronto Money Laundering Defence Representation

Ontario Criminal Defence and Money Laundering Defence Lawyers

Money laundering — taking the proceeds of crime and using them in a series of transactions in order to change the character of the money — can result in serious charges and, on conviction, the potential for incarceration, fines and other criminal punishments. If you are facing accusations of money laundering, it is important to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

With nearly 30 years of criminal law experience as a prosecutor and defence lawyer, Damien R. Frost in Toronto is dedicated to achieving favourable outcomes for his clients. He and his associates will work diligently on your behalf, striving to limit the damage you could incur as a result of money laundering accusations.

Many Charged With Money Laundering Are Unaware of Their Involvement

A broad range of people, ranging from shopkeepers to lawyers, have been used as “dupes” in money laundering schemes, unaware of the legal risks they are exposed to as a result. If you have been duped, Mr. Frost and his associates will work to prove that you were unaware of the laundering and related crimes that were going on, protecting your rights and reputation from the consequences.

Don’t Wait Until You’ve Been Charged

Due to these cases often being connected to organized crime, there are severe penalties for those convicted of money laundering. If you suspect that you are under investigation or may be an unwitting participant in a laundering scheme, it is crucial to contact Toronto lawyer Damien R. Frost or one of his associates for money laundering defence before speaking to the police.

I hired Ms Rebecca Young regarding a legal matter in October 2015. I found her and the firm to be very professional and helpful. The whole process took about one year to resolve. I followed her advice and the outcome was in my favour. I would recommend her for her professionalism, knowledge and pleasant attitude.


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