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Professional College Investigations and Complaints Lawyers

A letter from your professional College stating that a complaint has been made against you can be one of the most stressful times in your professional career.

If your professional College has received a written complaint about you or your practice, you have the right to receive notice and a copy of the complaint in a timely manner.

Responding to a Complaint

You also have the right to make written submissions to the College in response to the complaint. Your written response is an incredibly important step in the Complaints and Discipline process. Your submissions will be provided to the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (“the ICRC”) of your Professional College.

It is important to recognize that the submissions you make can be used against you in the event that the allegations are sent to a Discipline Committee. That is why you should retain the assistance of a lawyer to respond on your behalf.

The ICRC has the power to refer allegations to the Discipline Committee, refer the matter to incapacity proceedings, order you to attend before the Committee to receive a caution and order you to take a remedial program. These outcomes are posted on the College’s website and can have a significant impact on your professional reputation and career.

Damien Frost & Associates LLP represents clients who have been notified that they are the subject of a complaint to their professional College. We work with our clients and their professional Colleges to provide submissions to the ICRC on their behalf. We ensure that the submissions cannot be used against them in the future and do everything possible to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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Professional College Investigations Defence Lawyers

Your professional College has the power to investigate your professional conduct and any allegations of professional misconduct. You have the right to be notified an investigator has been assigned.

Professional Colleges have broad powers to appoint an investigator to determine whether you have committed any act of professional misconduct. An investigator may be assigned if you are the subject of a complaint or a report to the College, or if your College has grounds to believe that you have committed an act of professional misconduct.

You have a duty to co-operate with an investigator. Failing to do so can be grounds to refer your matter to a Discipline Committee as an act of professional misconduct itself. This highlights the importance of getting legal assistance during the complaint or investigation stage.

After conducting an investigation, you have the right to receive the Report of Investigation, and to make submissions to the College to respond to the allegations raised in the Report. The Report of Investigation and your submissions will be considered by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (“the ICRC”) of your College. The ICRC has the power to send the matter to a Discipline Committee, issue a caution or order you to take a remedial program, all of which is published on the College’s website.

Do not wait to talk to a Lawyer

As soon as you have been notified that you are under investigation for any act of professional misconduct, you should contact a lawyer. Damien Frost & Associates LLP represents health-care professionals and other regulated professionals who are under investigation. Let us make ICRC submissions on your behalf in order to protect your career, professional reputation, and rights. We will do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome.

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I was accused by my former employer of interfering and damaging their computer systems. I was charged under the Criminal Code for mischief, unauthorized access and destruction of data, which was a very scary, stressful, and upsetting experience. I thought that my world was over and all the hard work I had done in my life was coming to an end. Mr. Frost's initial consultation (which was no obligation and free of charge) helped a lot to calm my nerves and comfort me and my family in trying times. His team was very understanding, sympathetic, concerned and supporting, she always took my frantic phone calls with calmness and assurance and helped me understand the progress of my case clearly. At every step, I received sound professional advice. At the end of the case, the charges were dropped. As a result, I do not have a criminal record, my reputation is intact, and my current job is still secure. Words cannot truly express my gratitude for having such amazing lawyers. From explaining the terminology used in court, to sitting with me outside the court room when I couldn't hold back my tears, they stood by my side. Thank you for exceeding my expectations, and then some.


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