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Insurance and Health Benefits Fraud Cases

Insurance fraud, the act of making fraudulent claims for insurance benefits, is an issue that appears in a variety of different forms throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. These cases can be very complex, making the assistance and counsel of a knowledgeable defence lawyer particularly valuable.

Damien R. Frost, a criminal defence lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, works closely with clients who face accusations of insurance fraud. Before talking to the insurance company about the situation, contact Mr. Frost and his associates to learn about your rights during a free consultation.

Allegations of insurance benefits fraud can have a significant impact on your livelihood, your career, and your family. An allegation of insurance benefits fraud could result in being charged with criminal offences, being terminated from your employment, or being sued by the insurance company.

It may come to your attention that you are being audited or investigated by an insurance company in a number of ways. For example, you may be informed by one of your health practitioners that they have received inquiries about your claims for paramedical, dental, and other services. You may also be contacted by an Investigator from an insurance company by phone, email or in person about your claims. You could also be brought into a HR meeting by your employer and asked to explain the claims in question. 

Insurance fraud may relate to Homeowners insurance polices, car insurance policies, medical insurance plans, including OHIP, and the Ontario Drug Plan.

Internal Insurance Company Investigations

Before insurance fraud matters are turned over to the police, they are often investigated internally by the insurance company. When Toronto insurance fraud defence lawyer Damien R. Frost and his associates are involved early on in the process, they are often able to achieve a resolution to the matter before criminal charges are laid. They work hard to save clients from the stress and financial strain of a criminal case as well as the damage that can result to someone’s reputation and standing in the community from these types of allegations. You should not speak with an insurance investigator or your employer about any health benefits claims at issue before speaking with a lawyer.

Criminal Penalties for Insurance Fraud

A conviction arising from insurance fraud charges can also result in a number of penalties, depending on your previous criminal record. If you have previously been involved in fraud, the chances of incarceration increase. If you have no prior convictions or a compelling personal circumstance, a conviction could result in a lesser fine or other penalty.

Businesses, including health clinics, are often investigated for Insurance Fraud.

This can negatively impact the business, the business owner, its employees and customers. Your business may learn that it is being investigated for insurance fraud from clients whose claims have been audited, or your business may be contacted by an insurance investigator directly.

Insurance fraud investigations against businesses can lead to delisting of services, civil suits, criminal charges, and Professional College Complaints.

Being delisted by an insurance company can be devastating for your business, as the insurance company will no longer reimburse claims for services your business or clinic provides. You should not speak with an insurance investigator without first speaking with a lawyer.

Damien Frost & Associates LLP has represented countless individuals and businesses who are being investigated for insurance fraud. Do not wait until you have been sued, charged with criminal offences, or delisted by an insurance company. Click here to contact Damien Frost & Associates LLP. We will work to ensure the best possible resolution with no surprises along the way.

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