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Toronto Legal Consultants

In addition to his work as a criminal defence lawyer and prosecutor, Damien R. Frost and his associates are available to provide consulting services to other lawyers as well as businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout southern Ontario.

Consulting Services for Lawyers

Mr. Frost  and his associates often consult with lawyers on difficult or complex cases, providing them with a second opinion as they work on their clients’ cases. They also provide litigation support, working with clients and witnesses to prepare them for their court testimony. This is critical work, as testimony in court can make or break a case.

They are available to consult on a broad range of criminal law matters, including white collar crimes and cases involving protection of privacy as it relates to search warrants and wire taps.

Consulting Services for Businesses

There are many pitfalls that can cause legal problems for businesses. Mr. Frost and his associates work with businesses to help them make sound decisions about how to proceed with a broad range of legal matters. They also work with their employees, preparing them if they are scheduled to appear as witnesses in court.

Legal Consulting Lawyers

Whether you want to assess your company’s compliance with regulations or you have a complex legal issue you need advice on, the lawyers at Damien Frost & Associates LLP provide comprehensive consulting services to individuals and corporations. We have extensive knowledge of FINTRAC and PCMLTFA compliance requirements and can provide legal advice and guidance for corporate compliance. Large companies and start-ups alike are governed by complex layers of regulation. Let our firm help you stay up-to-date with legal trends and developments, so that you are actively preventing future non-compliance, rather than simply reacting to it. We also provide legal advice and represent victims and witnesses, who may require legal assistance with responding to a subpoena, production order, application for confidential or sensitive information or data, and other issues. Contact the lawyers of Damien Frost & Associates LLP for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we can assist you.

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Damien R. Frost & Associates have the skills, resources and results-oriented approach that can help your law firm or business succeed. To arrange a meeting to discuss your need for consultation, contact the firm.

We were very pleased with Mr. Frost's representation. He provided us with the best possible legal representation. He was dedicated to obtaining a tremendous resolution in what was complex litigation while being always mindful that we required a cost-effective solution.


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