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Judicial Review and Appeals Lawyers – Toronto Based Serving Clients Canada Wide

Professional Colleges and public decision-makers have a duty to make fair decisions. Those decisions, whether it is to suspend your professional licence or impose conditions on your ability to practice, can have a significant impact on your professional reputation and standing in your community.

If a Complaints Committee or a Discipline Committee has made a decision that hurts your professional standing or livelihood, you should speak with the lawyers at Damien Frost & Associates LLP. We can help you appeal the Committee’s decision, whether your appeal lies with the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board or a judicial review or appeal at the Divisional Court. For example, a judicial review can relate to the Ministry of Health’s decision to revoke the billing privileges of a pharmacy or pharmacist under the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan, or a decision of a Discipline Committee to suspend a Registered Massage Therapist’s licence.

Trust the lawyers at Damien Frost & Associates LLP and their specific knowledge and skills relating to appeals and judicial review.  

Appealing Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICRC) Decisions

If you have been the subject of a complaint to your professional College, and you are not happy with the decision of the ICRC, you can appeal that decision to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board. For more information on how Damien R. Frost & Associates can help you, click here.


I am a healthcare provider with a practice in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. I was represented by Mr. Frost before my professional licensing College with respect to a complaint by an insurance company. I was quite concerned that the complaint could affect my professional standing and reputation. Mr. Frost understood what needed to be done. He also understood the impact the complaint was having on me personally. He acted quickly. He was able to convince the College to take no further action. I was relieved that his representation was very low profile and my professional reputation was not undermined with the public or the College. As a result of his representation my status with that particular insurer was regularized.


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