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Registered Massage Therapist Lawyers – Representing RMT’s in cases involving complaints and investigations by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

Registered Massage Therapists (“RMTs”) are often the subject of a variety of types of complaints and reports. If you receive a notification that you are the subject of a complaint or report to your College, it can be stressful.

When you are the subject of a complaint, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (“the CMTO”) will notify you of the complaint and will give you an opportunity to respond. At Damien Frost & Associates LLP, we provide that response on behalf of our clients in order to protect their rights and interests.

You may or may not be aware if you are the subject of a CMTO or insurance company investigation, as investigators are often undercover. If you believe that you may be the subject of an investigation by the CMTO or by an insurance company, you should contact a lawyer immediately. Experienced counsel will be able to advise you of your rights and obligations, and offer guidance in dealing with the College or an insurance company.

RMTs are often the subjects of reports, complaints and investigations for improper billing, alleged inappropriate touching or comments, as well as insufficient record-keeping. Our firm has defended RMTs against a wide array of complaints, reports and investigations.

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario Complaints Lawyers

If you have a matter that is before a panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (“the ICRC”) do not wait until a decision has been made to get legal assistance. A decision made by the ICRC can be  made public on your CMTO profile and can impact your professional reputation and livelihood. The lawyers at Damien Frost & Associates LLP can assist in responding to complaints with written submissions to the ICRC. You should not respond to the ICRC in writing yourself, as anything you provide to the College can be used against you in a future proceeding or at a Discipline Hearing.

If you have received a Notice of Hearing, your matter has been referred to the Discipline Committee.. You should contact a lawyer immediately, as a discipline hearing is just like a trial and your professional standing may be at risk. The Discipline Committee of the CMTO has the power to:

  • revoke your certificate of registration;
  • suspend your certificate of registration;
  • impose terms, conditions and limitations on your certificate of registration for a specific or indefinite period of time;
  • require you to appear for a reprimand;
  • require you to pay a fine of up to $35,000; and
  • require you to pay the costs and expenses of the investigation and the legal costs and expenses of the hearing

These are serious outcomes for any professional. It can devastate your career or result in further action being taken against you. If you have received a complaint, believe that you are under investigation, or have received a Notice of Hearing, click here to contact our office to arrange a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.


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Highly Recommend!

"I have been very pleased working with Rebecca. She worked very efficiently, professionally and cared for every step, as we went through the process with Ontario College of Pharmacists. Initially I thought I would be going through a nightmare when I received my paperwork from Ontario College of Pharmacists, but Rebecca made the process seamless and the outcome was positive. Thank-you Rebecca and I would highly recommend your excellent professional service to others."


Very Professional and Helpful

"I hired Ms Rebecca Young regarding a legal matter in October 2015. I found her and the firm to be very professional and helpful. The whole process took about one year to resolve. I followed her advice and the outcome was in my favour. I would recommend her for her professionalism, knowledge and pleasant attitude."


Excellent Advocacy. Pleased with the Outcome!

"Daniel, Thank you for your excellent work. I am pleased with the outcome. I didn’t feel ‘prosecuted’ and I believe that is due to your excellent advocacy skills and rapport with the Court."


Very Pleased with Mr. Frost’s Representation

"We were very pleased with Mr. Frost’s representation. He provided us with the best possible legal representation. He was dedicated to obtaining a tremendous resolution in what was complex litigation while being always mindful that we required a cost-effective solution."


Nothing Short of Remarkable!

"I was very grateful to have the knowledge, experience and support of Rebecca Young when I was presented with a legal issue concerning my private practice. She ensured that my own professionalism and experience were demonstrated while representing me in communication with the CRPO. In addition, she offered recommendations to improve my due diligence measures, thereby further protecting my business and reputation going forward. Thank you Rebecca."


Truly Professional, Confident & Trustworthy

"I was very happy with how Damien Frost handled my case and with what they accomplished for me. From my very first call with Rebecca, she gained my confidence and trust. She was very knowledgeable and she handled herself with true professionalism. She took the time to explain to me the process as well as her strategies so I always knew what was going on. She was always an email or a phone call away and she resolved my case to my full satisfaction."


Incredibly Supportive & Experienced

"I had an extremely positive experience working with Rebecca Young. She is so pleasant to deal with and not only provided sound counsel right from the first day but continued doing so in a manner that was clear and compassionate. Incredibly supportive and experienced team. I was kept up to date at every step and got an amazing outcome in a very short time. Highly recommend working with Rebecca!"


Instantly Put Me At Ease

Rebecca was very helpful in my particular situation. I spoke to a few lawyers before her and I can't tell you how good she was. She instantly put me at ease by telling me what I was dealing with - others had scared me a lot. She was almost my therapist whereby I would get in touch with her, send my thoughts, and get responses on what the process looked like - she was straightforward, compassionate and understanding of the situation. Great service and no fear-mongering at this company. Thank you for all your help, Rebecca!


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