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Protect your Nursing registration status

What does it mean to get your license revoked? When your certificate of registration has been terminated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (“CNO”), you are no longer entitled to practice nursing in the province.

There are several scenarios under the Nursing Act that can result in membership revocation:

  1. failure to pay fees or provide the information requested by the College which results in a suspension that lasts at least 30 days; or
  2. failure to respond to a request of evidence that the member holds professional liability protection in accordance with the requirements and at least 30 days have passed after notice of intention to suspend is given.

Under these circumstances, a member who is seeking to re-enter the practice can submit a reinstatement application to the College within three years from the date that the former registration was revoked.

Generally, a member’s registration may be reinstated if the former member has corrected the deficiency; pays reinstatement fees, and demonstrates evidence of practice in the proceeding three years.

A lawyer with expertise in working with the College of Nurses of Ontario can discuss with you any circumstances that would render you ineligible for reinstatement.

Penalty Decisions by the College’s Discipline Committees

In keeping with the College’s obligation to protect the public, the Regulated Health Professions Act (“RHPA”) provides the College with the authority to hold adjudicative hearings and make findings of incompetence and professional misconduct and. The College’s discipline committees may impose a wide range of penalties, including revocations of a member’s certificate of registration. If a discipline committee finds a member is incompetent, committed an act of professional misconduct, or is incapacitated, it may make an order directing the Registrar to revoke the member’s registration.


A member whose registration has been revoked as a result of disciplinary or incapacity proceedings may apply in writing to the Registrar to have a new certificate issued. In addition to providing reasons as to why the certificate should be issued, members need to adhere to strict timelines for submitting a reinstatement application. Applications cannot be made prior to one year after the date on which the certificate of registration was revoked. There are different timelines for applications of reinstatement in relation to a revocation for sexual abuse of a patient.

If you are the subject of an investigation and your registration is at risk of being revoked, suspended, or limited, you should contact a lawyer experienced in professional regulatory law. At Damien Frost & Associates LLP, we will advise you of your rights to appeal, reinstatement options, and provide representation at a hearing of a reinstatement application. Contact our office to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our lawyers.

By: Daniel Libman -

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