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Health Care Professional LAWYERS


Lawyers Serving Doctors and Medical Professionals

As a licensed healthcare professional, accusations of fraud, professional misconduct or criminal activity can have a serious impact on your career. You could face disciplinary proceedings before your professional college, the publication of any findings of misconduct on the college’s website, and the loss of your license. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with many professional colleges and can help you navigate through this complex legal area. We provide advice to clients regarding their rights and responsibilities throughout the process and information regarding potential outcomes. We assist clients responding to complaints and investigations, from the submission and pre-hearing conference stage through to any Discipline Committee hearings and appeals. We understand the practical implications of disciplinary proceedings on a health professional’s practice and are here to help.

Healthcare Lawyers Serving Ontario

The lawyers at Damien Frost & Associates LLP have significant experience handling allegations and investigations of professional misconduct and discipline. In the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario, we represent clients undergoing disciplinary investigations and proceedings. Our clients include a variety of health professionals and healthcare clinics and facilities in the industry, including:

Damien Frost & Associates LLP has extensive experience assisting health care professionals in a variety of matters.

Legal Services for Healthcare Professionals

Our lawyers provide strategic legal advice and consulting services to healthcare professionals, whether they be individuals, or a health services clinic owner.

We routinely provide legal advice and representation to all regulated health professionals, including those listed above. We represent clients before their regulatory bodies and in any subsequent appeals of those decisions.

Our services include:

  • Drafting responses to complaints, investigations, or mandatory reports
  • Drafting submissions and attending before the Colleges’ Registration Committees or Accreditation Committees
  • Drafting submissions and action plans for Quality Assurance Committee matters
  • Providing advice and assistance to clients with alleged capacity issues
  • Providing advice and assistance to clients requested to attend a Regulatory Meeting
  • Defending health professionals at pre-hearing conferences
  • Defending health professionals before the Colleges’ Discipline Committees
  • Defending health professionals before the Colleges’ Fitness to Practice Committees
  • Representing health professionals in disputes with OHIP or private insurers
  • Representing health professionals at appeals before the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board
  • Representing health professionals in court on appeals and judicial reviews of all administrative decisions.

Legal Services for Healthcare Clinics

Damien Frost & Associates LLP also has extensive experience assisting owners and operators of healthcare clinics, whether they are operated by a multidisciplinary team, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, optometrists, other healthcare professionals, or members of the general public.

We understand the relevant legislative frameworks and day-to-day challenges faced by clinics. For example, if you are opening or operating a pharmacy in Ontario, or changing its ownership, our lawyers can ensure that you are compliant with the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act. We can also provide assistance to ensure that you comply with the notification requirements with the Ontario College of Pharmacists and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Our services include:

  • Advising on matters of compliance, including mandatory reporting
  • Assisting with licensing applications
  • Advising on the sale or acquisition of health care businesses, including pharmacies, health care facilities, and medical and dental practices
  • Advising and representing clinics or businesses in disputes with OHIP, private insurers, or the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Judicial review of decisions of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

If you need strategic legal advice to deal with matters relating to your clinic’s business or operation, contact Damien Frost & Associates LLP to schedule a free consultation. We can provide strategic legal advice and ensure that you and your business is protected. Whether you are looking to expand your business or need to respond to complaints, we can help you today.

Consultation, Workshops and Training in Health Law Issues

The Partners of Damien Frost & Associates LLP sit on panels and provide training and education opportunities to health professionals, clinics and institutions, and associations. Our lawyers provide practical information to front line staff and executives on legislative changes and emerging legal issues. We provide members of professional associations with information regarding what to expect in a College proceeding, as well as their legal rights and responsibilities.

We provide strategic advice and consultation to businesses, clinics, and facilities that require assistance with discrete legal issues, including health law policies and procedures. Our lawyers can help to develop and implement new policies or procedures in light of legislative changes or in response to an audit or investigation.

We are happy to structure any workshop or presentation to fit the unique needs of your team or association. Contact our office to learn more about our services.

I was accused by my former employer of interfering and damaging their computer systems. I was charged under the Criminal Code for mischief, unauthorized access and destruction of data, which was a very scary, stressful, and upsetting experience. I thought that my world was over and all the hard work I had done in my life was coming to an end. Mr. Frost's initial consultation (which was no obligation and free of charge) helped a lot to calm my nerves and comfort me and my family in trying times. His team was very understanding, sympathetic, concerned and supporting, she always took my frantic phone calls with calmness and assurance and helped me understand the progress of my case clearly. At every step, I received sound professional advice. At the end of the case, the charges were dropped. As a result, I do not have a criminal record, my reputation is intact, and my current job is still secure. Words cannot truly express my gratitude for having such amazing lawyers. From explaining the terminology used in court, to sitting with me outside the court room when I couldn't hold back my tears, they stood by my side. Thank you for exceeding my expectations, and then some.


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